Why have one or more of my uploads been rejected?

All the documents on our website will be checked for quality.

Sometimes documents will be rejected because of these reasons:
  1. The exact same document was already on the website. 
  2. The document was irrelevant.
  3. The quality was too low. Documents that seem like they aren't of any value to a student will be rejected.
  4. College slides will be rejected since these are usually easily available through your university.
  5. The file was damaged or of an unknown format and could not be opened.
  6. The file was merged with one or more of your other uploads. For example when you upload several chapters as single files.
  7. No course was entered. If we don't know what course the document is for, it won't be listed.
  8. Your document was copyright protected.
If you feel your document was wrongfully rejected, please contact us and let us know why the document should be approved. Then we will take a second look at your uploads.

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