What is a Premium account?

Our platform is all about sharing. To us it seemed fair that if you use our website, you might at some point want to give something back. All content has been submitted by other students so it would be unfair if some students would only download documents and never return something.

This is why we decided to introduce the premium account. 20% of all files are labeled as Premium files and can only be download by users who have returned something to the community.

You can become premium if you:
- Invite your friends.(14-days Premium) The more students use the website, the more documents will be shared on our platform! Everybody benefits! 
- Upload a document. (14-days Premium) Others shared their documents, why not submit one of your own?
- Make a payment. Unfortunately our staff needs a salary and we need to pay the bills to keep the servers going. By making a payment you contribute keeping the website online! 

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